Google docs offline – How to use google docs offline

Google docs offline is another feature of Google Docs which enables users to have access to the word processor in offline mode. This feature allows users to work when they’re in a location where there is no internet access such as subway, Airplane, etc.

With Google Docs, working offline is possible.
NB: Although working offline is possible, you still have to set up some things in advance to enable you to work offline. I will show you below how to set up Google drive below.

Setting up Google Docs for offline mode

  • Open Google Docs and push the ”menu icon”. Please note that you must log in to Google first in order to initiate these settings.
  • Select ”settings”
  • Then click on ”Turn on” and click on OK
  • Click on ”Get the app”
  • Click on ”Add to chrome”
  • Click Add extension then Click the Google docs tab.
  • After doing that, Click ”Enable offline”- Nb; your docs will start downloading for offline purpose. It takes some time to download finish so you must to exercise some patience.
Now, you’ll start using Google Docs offline.
Should in case you don’t understand the above steps, you can also follow this second step:

Setting up Google Drive offline

  • Step 1. Install chrome to your device. It is important to install chrome for users using desktop computers/PC in order to set the chrome browser for offline access.
  • Step 2. Sign in to chrome – If you’re using a laptop or PC, you’ll need to get a chrome account.
  • Step 3. Download Google Drive application along with Docs, sheets, slides apps also.
  • Step 4. Sign in to your Google account(Personal)
By doing this, Google will automatically enable offline access for your Docs, sheets, and slides.
But if you make use of Google applications for education or other commercial activity, you will need to enable offline access by following these simple basic steps.
  • Go to in the URL of your browser. You can also use or
  • Click on the ”menu icon”
  • Select ”settings”
  • Then checkout for ”offline sync” and turn it on.
There you go…that’s all you need to do in setting up your Google Docs to offline mode.
Another thing you need to now, Whilst working on Google docs offline, Google will give you an indicator which is a small round icon containing a lightning bolt at the top of the page beside after the document’s name. Google will automatically synchronize your changes to the cloud and that ”round icon” will disappear.
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