How create gmail account online 2019

Google mail popularly known as Gmail is an email service with advertising-supported features created by Google.

Google mail has a lot of new features which made it rank higher among its competitors which are Hotmail, yahoo mail, etc. The features provided by google mail include:
  • Customizable themes: An advanced spam reduction features which block spam up to 99.9%
  • Group chat where you can connect with other people all around the world.
  • A large storage space and faster and stress-free operation.

List of benefits you get while using google mail

With Google’s Gmail, you have gotten all you need about webmail. Google mail was constructed by the very best engineers which they filled it with loads of exciting features to benefits from while using it. I myself use the google mail service and to be frank it's incomparable.
Although I also own several mail accounts on other webmail services like yahoo and others, the thing is that they have never given me that quality and confidentiality I required in keeping my online and personal information.
I will highlight some features of Gmail below and you’ll be marveled to see what could do with google mail.
So, sit back and relax and read the information below carefully!
  • Storage: The google mail has a free storage space of 10 GB which for me is more than enough for receiving your personal mails and other things.
But, should in case you need more, google has made provisions for all that by creating a ”paid plant” where users can get up to 30 TB for their personal or official use.

  • Tabbed inbox: With the introduction of tabbed inbox from Google, users can now categorize their mails which may be:
  1. Primary
  2. Social
  3. Promotions
  4. Updates
  5. Forums
  • Spam filter: This is one of the many features of google mail that I like. This is driven when a user marks a particular email as spamGmail will automatically identify similar messages sent in the future and automatically mark it as spam.
    I could remember those days when my yahoo mail was too much active, any time I log on to my yahoo mail, I would have seen loads of spam mails right in my mailbox!
  • Gmail mobile: This application enables us to access your Google mail right in your mobile device. And it has been translated into over 40 languages which you can choose from that's when you’re not from an English speaking country.
  • Google mail search: This feature allows you to search for emails on the search bar. The services have been proven to be stress-free, and it also contains your contacts too incorporated in it.
  • Security: Gmail has been hailed as the best mail by service simply because of the strong security it has. Google mail is best for confidentiality, and if by any chance someone hacks into your account, Google will automatically notify you that ”someone with a new device and IP has just logged into your account”
    It's now left to you to claim or deny the action hence requesting for change of password.
There you go! So now I will teach you the basic steps on how to sign up and login on google mail

How to create a Gmail account

Creating a Gmail account is easy and stress-free. Just follow my steps below and within some minutes, you’ll be a proud Gmail account owner.
  • Enter your browser application and type the Url: ””
  • There you’ll be redirected to the Gmail homepage, Click on the ”Create an account” icon.
  • Input your basic information such as Name, Email address, phone number, and Password.
  • Press the sign up button
  • You’ll receive a message on your phone, click on the link.
Now you will see the account creation page.
Hurray! Now you own a Gmail account. Was that easy? if Yes/No, Drop your experiences in the comment box of this article.

Sign in on the Gmail login page | Gmail login

Gmail Account Login page is the page where users can log in to their Gmail account.
Moreover, the page is for users who already have a username or ID. Before I tell you more about the Gmail login page, you must know that Gmail Account Login gives you access to other Google services such as  Google+, Google Play store and the rest.

Gmail login | How to login on the Gmail login page

It’s a simple and straightforward process. However, you need to follow the necessary guidelines.
Login to your Gmail account is a pivotal step in order to enjoy the basic features I highlighted earlier on about Gmail.
To login, simply input your Gmail id and password. Then push the sign-in button. Congrats! you’re already signed in, so start to explore Gmail now.
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