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Google Maps is a web mapping service which was developed by Google to ease navigation. It works with GPS on internet-enabled devices. Using Google map to get directions can be exciting especially when you’re not conversant with where you’re heading to, I can remember the first time I used Google maps to navigate through New York to Chicago, the journey was made possible thanks to Google maps.
I can remember those days vividly when people were forced to actually interact with one another to get proper road directions. With Google maps, you can get directions for driving, public transit, walking, biking, all on Google Maps.
Google maps make which makes navigating and exploring your world faster and easier. I will show you below on how to get google maps directions right from your mobile or on the web on maps.google.com

How to get google maps directions & google maps download on your mobile devices

On your Android device, you can use the application to search for directions to your destination.

  • You can do this by first downloading the app on the Google play store.
  • Launch the application.
  • Make sure you have data and you’re connected to the Internet.
  • In the bottom right, click the blue circle. …
  • In the bottom right of the screen, then tap the blue circle. It’ll display a car, taxi, Bus, Taxi or a person walking. If you touch and hold the blue circle instead, you’ll start navigation instead of following the remaining steps.
  • In case you want to add additional destinations, You can go to the top right and click on ”More ”
  • You can either add a destination or tap ”Done” When you are finished.
  • You can choose your preferred option from the following in order for you to get the most accurate result.
    • Walking:
    • Cycling:
    • Driving:
    • Transit:
  • If in case there are alternate routes available, they will be shown in ”gray” color on the map. If you want to take the alternate route, you’ll need to tap the ”gray” color
  • To start your navigation, tap on the ”Navigate” button.
  • To stop navigation, go to the bottom left and tap ”Cancel”

  Using the google maps street view

Google maps street view is simple to use and convenient. You can even use a street view player which is a tool that provides street view images along the way in an animated video mode type of the trip.

Google traffic map – Another Google map initiative

Google Traffic is another feature on Google maps. It functions in displaying real-time traffic conditions on Highways and major roads. It can be accessed through the application or by just going directly to the maps.google.com.
Furthermore, It works by calculating various GPS locations which have been transmitted by various mobile phone users to Google in which it calculates the user’s speed along with the road length thereby generating an accurate live traffic map.
Finally, I think Google maps is the way forward in the area of navigation. Now i can go to places with this application installed on my mobile, I can navigate through big confusing buildings, view complicated road trips at a glance, Explore the wonders of the world, View various street views in real-Time, Know where and when there is traffic on a particular Road/Highway and finally i can navigate freely with full boldness and idea of where I’m heading to. Try Google maps now and witness all these yourself.

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