Skype for business – How to make Skype conference call (Tutorial)

Are you new to Skype for business? Worry no more because I will tell you all you need to know about Microsoft Skype for business and how to use the feature. Skype for Business and Office work together, therefore providing an easier way to collaborate on shared work, which can be shared straight from Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Outlook calendars. First, I will highlight some features of Skype for Business client 2015.

  • Start conversations with IM, voice, or video calls.
  • You can see when your contacts are available online, in a meeting, or presenting.
  •  Broadcast your products online to a large audience.
  • Join a meeting, or chat with a click while using Skype for business.

Benefits of using Skype for business

1. With Skype for business, you can hold a small online meeting. You can even use the free plan to hold a video conference.
2. Contacting your colleagues and organizing online meetings is both fast and simple, whether it be by email, IM or call is made easy using Skype for business.
3. It can house more than 200 people during the online meetings, even if their your colleagues, other employees be it in your organization or outside.
4. Automatically, Skype for business remembers the account information of employees in your company those already using the Microsoft platform. You can add/delete specific people you want in a project.

5. Finally, Skype for business gives an all-round service and is both cost & time effective when you’re scheduling meetings to be held online, and when communicating with other colleagues at work or clients.

Learn how to make Skype conference call now

For you to make a Skype conference call, you need to first download the Skype application, then install it in your PC if you do not have Skype.
Then you have to create a Skype account, you can ignore this if you already have one.
Now you need to set up the Skype application, You can download the free setup version from their website and install it on your device/PC.
  • Log in to your Skype account, you can begin adding the contacts of those you want to add to the conference call. You can do this by clicking the “Add or Plus button” which is above your in the upper portion of your contact list.
  • In case you wish to find a particular contact, you can search either by name or by email and then you send them a request to add you in their contact list.
  • Once you’ve added the people you want to be present for Skype conference call, you’re almost set to perform the Skype conference call
Nb: Before kick-starting the conference call, you must to first make sure that they’re online. You can do this by simply viewing a small green dot after the contact’s name.
  • Then add everybody you want to be present in the Skype conference call and click on ”start”.
Now, wait for them to answer the call.
With this process highlighted above, you’ll be able to make a Skype conference call for free.
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