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Spotify web player can be accessed online at I like listening to Spotify music on my Spotify app. There is nothing more like listening to music online using Spotify. I happen to be a music lover, I like virtually all music genres like pop, R&B, blues, Reggae, Rock n Roll. Name them.

Before Spotify, I used to buy music albums on a regular basis, after copying it to my computer’s hard drive, the CD has no use anymore. This obviously shows I'm wasting money and I felt bad about it. When Spotify arrived on the market, I stopped buying music albums instead I now stream and play music albums online.
Although the Spotify web player is currently available in beta, I've been using it ever since.
In order for you to access the Spotify web player, simply head straight to where you’ll be asked to sign in into an existing account or you can sign in using Facebook.

Using Spotify media player to stream music online

Know that to stream music using the Spotify media player, you have to go to to do so.
If your country is part of the nations granted access by Spotify to the beta version, then you’ll only need to sign in to your existing Spotify account or you can sign up using Facebook. The sign-in process in the Spotify web player is similar to that of the sign inversion in the desktop client.
There is a variety of options for this session. Options include turning the private session on or off. You can also choose whether to share or not to share your Spotify activity on Facebook.

Things to enjoy after signing in on the Spotify web player 

After you’ve signed in, you’ll be in the ”What’s New’ page. This page makes you discover new music instead of continuing your old songs. There are four sections in the Web player. I will describe the sections one after the other below.

Whats’ new

There are a number of options attached to the ”What’s New” section. From this section, you can see them;

  • New Recommended Albums
  • Trending Playlists Among Friends
  • Top Tracks Among Friends
  • New Releases
  • Trending Playlists Near You
  • Top Tracks Near You.
These subsections are very much important in your quest to search for new music. The ”New Releases” subsection is worth scrolling through, it is vitally important in the sense that it shows a number of albums that have been added to Spotify web player over the last few days.
Although these albums may not necessarily be brand news, rather albums that are newly added to Spotify web player.


This section of the Spotify web player contains all the playlists from the Spotify desktop client. Changes made are hereby carried across from desktop to the Web and vice-versa. You can edit the name of existing playlists or you can create a new playlist within the Spotify web player.
You can also set up a radio station established on a peculiar playlist which is superb for those times when you’d like to listen to a mixture of tracks known to you and tracks unfamiliar to you.


The ”Radio” section plays a station based on your current top artist by default. Also, you get to see ”Recommended Stations” and ”Genre Stations”. You can ‘Create New Stations on any track simply by searching for it.


The ‘Search’ option is quite simple and essential. By Clicking the ‘Search‘ box, a text entry box shows, where you can type into it and results show below.
Each search is remunerated with ”albums”, ”tracks”, ”artists” and ‘Playlists’ matching the searched term. When you click on the ”Show All Results”….it means that you can explore each of these aspects in more extensively.
I’ll give you guys some reasons why you should start using the Spotify media player
While using the Spotify media player, you don’t need to own other music apps because Spotify has got you covered.
You can listen to your favorite songs either outdoor or indoor without needing a desktop.
You can play songs via widgets and tools and also you can use various hotkeys like :
For chrome
Play/Pause: Alt + Shift + P
Next Track: Alt + Shift + .
Previous Track: Alt + Shift +
Firefox users can make use of these hotkeys:
Play/Pause: Ctrl + Alt + P
Next Track: Ctrl + Alt + .
Previous Track: Ctrl + Alt + ,

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