Middle finger emoji | How to get and Download ios emojis for android

Emoji originated from the Japanese words ”e” meaning picture, ”mo” meaning writing and ”ji” meaning character. These symbols originated from Japanese mobile phones in the late 1990s and rapidly became popular with their users.  iOS emojis are undoubtedly the best which makes Android users want to have the application on their devices also. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get iOS emojis on Android devices.
ios emojis for android
This prompted me to make some research about apple iOS and I found something..Now with this Flip Font 3 application, you can easily get the iOS emoji on your device.

Follow the steps below on how to download ios emojis for android

  • Go to Settings, click on Security then Unknown Sources
  • Download Flip Font 3 application on the Google play store
  • Open the Flip Font 3 application once it has been installed
  • Once the app has been installed, you have to open the Font ”Settings menu” on your smartphone. Note that HTC and Samsung have different individual ways of finding this menu; they have almost similar yet different emoji.
  • A new display tab opens up with a list of fonts available for your device. Then Scroll down until you see EmojiFont3.
    Select the ”radio button” and press done.
  • Once you’ve done these changes, the system font would automatically change. If the font size changes, work on the font size from the font settings.
  • Hurray! you now have iOS emoji  on your android device
Although Android and iOS emoji are so much alike, The best part of having an Android smartphone is that users get to tweak their smartphone any way they like.

Middle Finger Emoji | What you need to know about the middle finger Emoji

ios emojis for android
Middle finger emoji is another interesting and gutsy feature. Over the years, Emoji has been used by many people to express their emotions delicately. Emoji have so far been an essential part of the social media stage. Taking Facebook for example contained in it tons of emojis incorporated in its chat program.

Likewise, they’ve also been added to the popular instant messaging clients like WhatsApp, We Chat, etc. Emojis have gotten so popular that they have been given preferential treatment in the OS also. With Apple’s new iOS 9.1 updates, various new interesting emojis like the ”Middle finger” will be witnessed.
However, when it comes to the use of the middle finger emoji, not so many people accept the gesture. Although, it can be used freely among friends and family. Formerly, the middle finger gesture was considered as a sign of disgust. But lately, I've noticed that the middle finger as becoming a part of a regular chat among friends and even strangers.

How to use the middle finger emoji text copy and paste

We all know that using a middle finger emoji is always tricky. So I will discuss below on some of the best media where we can make use of the middle finger emoji. Do you know that you can use the Unicode 7.0 rude finger symbol simply by copy-pasting?
But note that middle finger emoji copy and paste is necessary in order to make use of it. It can be used virtually on all devices across all platforms. I’ll be making an example using the most popular messaging application which is WhatsApp.

Using the middle finger emoji on WhatsApp

WhatsApp over the years has been the most popular encrypted social messaging application, having many in-built emojis on its chat platform. Among the emojis is the middle finger emoji which you can get through the emoji option available within the application. Follow the steps I will be giving you below accordingly in order for you to use the middle finger emoji on WhatsApp.
  • Step 1. Open the WhatsApp application, Then open your contact list and select a contact you wish to send the middle finger emoji.
  • Step 2. Click on the smiling smiley. You can choose the color you want.
  • Hurray! Now you know how to use the middle finger emoji on WhatsApp. But please send it to someone you know very well otherwise things will really go bad between you guys.

Using the middle finger emoji on Facebook

Formerly, codes like [[midfing]] and [[faqyou123]] are used to achieve this goal but lately, these codes do not seem to work properly anymore. However, a new method has been formed to achieve this goal. Simply follow the steps given below to achieve the desired result.
  1. Copy and paste this URL: http://middlefingeremoji.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/emoji-new.png
  2. Click on the camera icon
  3. Paste the above URL in the text field and it is all you need do. Something like this pops up
Middle finger emoji
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