Vlc media player for Mac and Windows download Tips

VLC player is a free, portable, open-source and cross-platform media player. VLC is available for mobile and desktop platforms such as the windows phone, Android, iOS, etc. The VLC player mobile application is available for Android and iOS devices in their respective play stores.

The VLC media player supports various video and audio compression file formats which includes video CD, DVD-Video. With the VLC player media application installed on your device, you can stream and trans code multimedia files.

Here are some features of VLC media player

  • It is a packet-based media player which means that it can play almost types of video content.
  • Can play m2t MPEG transport streams.
  • It monitors the video as it is playing.
  • The player also uses libcdio to access .iso files so as to enable users to play files on a disk image, even when the user’s operating system cannot work directly with .iso images.
  • This means that the VLC player can playback H.264 or MPEG-4 Part 2 video as well as support FLV or MXF file formats “out of the box” using FFmpeg’s libraries.
  • The VLC media player can play high definition documentation of tapes of D-VHS copied to a computer using CapDVHS.exe
  • It can stream live, contents(unencrypted) to a monitor.
  • Ability to present an array of playing video as the desktop/computer wallpaper like Windows Dreamscene using Directx which are only available on Windows operating systems.
  • The application can establish screencasts and document the desktop.
  • Videos can also be played in AVCHD format, which is an immensely constricted format which is being used in recent HD camcorders.

Vlc media player for Mac 

VLC 2.0 is a major upgrade because it makes media player for Mac now works faster decoding on multi-core, having the ability to open more file formats, GPU. VLC 2.0 is greatly professional, higher quality subtitles and a new video filter which enhances the outlook of your videos. The media player for mac supports many new devices and it has completely remodified how videos show in HD on MAC with nice interfaces.

Download VLC media player for Mac

The VLC media player is compatible with these Mac OS; Mac OS X 10.1 to 10.6.
You can access them from the developer’s site. The VLC media player developers said that there will never be a version of VLC media player for Mac OS 9.
Before I tell you how & where to download VLC media player, I will like to first list the various operating systems that are compatible with the VLC media player.
The VLC player is a cross-platform media player that is compatible with several versions of Linux, Android, iOS, Solaris, Windows, Syllable, QNX, macOS, BSD, BeOS, etc. But forward and backward compatibility between VLC media player versions are not however not maintained over a long period of time.

How to download on your device

The VLC player is free to download across all devices. To install the app on your tablet, Android phone, phablet, follow these steps below:
  • Start the Play store app of your Android device
  • Search for the VLC app using the ”search icon”.
  • Tap on install to begin the installation process.
  • Once the app has been fully downloaded, Google play store installs it automatically.
  • After installing it, the VLC player app automatically appears on your home screen.
  • Launch the app and explore all that VLC has got to offer.

Browser plugins

VLC provides an NPAPI plugin which makes users view windows media, MP3, QuickTime, and Ogg files which are embedded in websites without needing to use additional software. Furthermore, VLC media player supports Mozilla Application Suite, Netscape, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.

Various Applications that use the VLC plugin

VLC previews files before it downloads them, it can handle incomplete files. Programs that use the VLC plugin includes Kceasy, eMule. By all means, VLC player is the best media player ever. Go to Play store now to install VLC on your device.

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