Where’s My Water | Full Game Review

Where’s My Water has released versions compatible for Android OS, Apple IOS, Windows phones, Blackberry, and Operating systems. The game requires the player to route a passage path for water to flow down to the alligator, Swampy, and connections that slides through broken pipes enables the complete and easy flow of the water.
The game has received tremendous praises of its impressive graphics and Swampy the lead character, the first original Disney mobile, voiced by actor, Justin T. Bowler.

Amazing Features of Where’s My Water Game

Where’s My Water contains some interesting characters and features that will blow your mind, below are some amazing features you want to know:

Where’s My Water | The Mystery Duck

The mystery duck challenge is one of the most interesting challenge of the game. The duck appears on a stage far before the present one, the mystery duck is expected to caught before 24 hours because it moves from a start position.
Items so interesting are unlocked for capturing 3 mystery ducks, such item like a new duck costume and others more.

Where’s My Water | Allie

Allie’s story is a subset of levels that was added on May 25th, 2013. Allie is programmed to be Swampy’s girlfriend. In this play mode, the ducks are colored blue, there is the presence of water, steam, ooze and every other available liquid substance of the game.
If any except that of water or steam comes in contact with the duck; it dies. The objective of this mode is to direct steam to Allie’s makeshift pipe organ if water or any substance other than steam gets into the inlet, the level is failed.

Where’s My Water | Cranky

Cranky’s story is a subset of levels that were added in January 2012. Cranky is a jealous alligator.

Where’s My Water | Gameplay

Where’s My Water requires thinking and strategy. To play the game, all moves that are all directions should be properly checked, Water overflow should be 100% or more, all ducks should be acquired and time management should be acceptable.
During playing, Swampy should be observed. Whenever he laugh or smile, it means that the player is making the proper moves but whenever he begins to hit the walls, the player is either consuming too much time or making the wrong cuts.
Grab Where’s My Water online it aids reasoning.

How to Download Where’s My Water Video Game

Where’s My Water is compatible for PC (Windows 10, 8.1,8) Windows phone, Andriod OS, Apple IOS and Blackberry. The game can be downloaded in the google play store or enter the keyword for quick access, “Where’s My Water” on the google play store search bar. Go get the FUN of the game.

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