Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose Full Review

Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose is a museum for children. The museum located on woz way San Jose, California.

Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose was ranked by Child magazine, It was ranked as one of the top ten (10) museums in the United States of America. However, the London Observer ranked the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose as one of the top 5 best science centers in the world.
The children’s discovery museum opened its door for children in 1990. With over 6 million visitors who attended the launch, the museum grew rapidly in popularity. San Jose discovery museum builds and displays communicating exhibits that are acceptable to all children’s educational requirement.

Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose Summer Of Service (SOS)
The Children’s Discovery Museum is a service with fun. The program is for children entering 7th to 10th grade as they help out with the community. They do works at service such as Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT), Sacred Heart Community Center, Second Harvest Food Bank more.
Since the initial opening of the program in 1997, Jessica Intrator, Lisa Ellsworth, David Chau, Brian Hames, Jennifer Gamurot, Ryan Smith and Trevor Gutierrez led and maintained the SOS (Summer Of Service). David Chau was the main leaders in the SOS which he also contributed to the success of the Summer Of Service.

What to find on and Features

On the official website, users can Plan a visit, Learn and create, celebrate and many more on the tabs. Users can also sign up / register on the website for an easy plan of a trip to the museum.
Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose is a fun place for all children. It has two sections, toddlers and smaller kids, however, there is another section for older kids.
Yes, the place is fun for kids and also educational as there are Great science features, water play, face painting, bubbles, dance room art room, and plain plastic dinosaurs. If you want an endless thank you from your kids, then that is one place they all want to be. Kids love it.

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