Google Adsense Custom search setup for WordPress

AdSense is the most convenient means of earning. Once approved for AdSense account, Just paste ads code on website & earn on money online from home.

AdSense search is one another way to earn money from a website. AdSense Custom Search works like a search engine. To use Custom Search, you need to set up AdSense custom search box on your website/Blog. After that, the website will search for anything by the user via the search box, the results related to your website content will appear and along with the website’s content, other websites ads also appear in the search results.
If the user clicks on these ads, you will get AdSense earnings nearly 55 percent. If you use a simple search box on the website, then change this simple search with Google AdSense Custom Search Box & earn more from Google AdSense. How to setup Google AdSense custom search on a WordPress website.

How to create a Google AdSense Custom Search box for WordPress sites-

  • First login to your Google AdSense account.
  • Click on My ads from the top.
  • My ads click on Search from the left & then you will see Custom search engines option, to make a custom search box click on custom search engines.

Search Box setting-
Name- Here enter a name ad unit
What to search- Select the radio button- Only sites I select. then enter your website address for example-
Keywords- Specify the keywords that related your website.
SafeSearch- Tick this checkbox, if you want to use safe search.
Country or Territory- Select the country version of Google that will be searched through your search box. For example- your search results could come from then select India or result from then select the United States.
Site language- choose your website language.
Encoding- Select search encoding type that matches your site encoding.
Popular queries- Tick this checkbox if you want to show popular queries for your website Google Custom Search Engine, so that your users can see what others have been mostly searching for on your site.
Search box style & ad style-
Look and feel- Choose Google custom search box from the list, which matches the color of your website.
Text box length- Set your Google Custom search character length.

Ad style- This option helps you to change ads color & style that appear in Google Custom search results.
Select ad style- You can select an existing color style from this list for your ads.
Use Custom Settings- You can make your own ads color style which matches your website color.
Search Result-
Search results- Choose on my website using an iframe radio button.
URL where search results will be displayed- Fill out URL, where you want to show search results. this is something like or
Width of results area- Specify the area width of the page in which you want to show search results. Otherwise, leave as default.
After this click on Save and get code button you will see 2 codes- Search box code & Search results code.

Search box code- Now Go to your WordPress admin dashboard & Create a new text widget, place the widget where you want and paste Search box code into the box & save it.
Search results code- Create a new page and give page name like Search and your page URL should be like or click on Text & paste the Search result code here.

And also before publishing add noindex tag on this page otherwise search engine crawl this page into their search results.

How to Noindex on a page using the Yoast SEO plugin:

If you are using Yoast SEO then scroll down search page and click on gear icon and select noindex from Meta Robots Index dropdown list.

Now publish this search page.
All done.

How to check Google AdSense Custom search earning?

If you want to check your AdSense for search earning then follow these steps-
  • Login to your AdSense Account.

  • On the AdSense, Home screen click on the Performance Report.
  • Now you will see Common report option in the left section. Click on a Common report.
  • In the Common report, you will find Products option. Click on it.
  • Now you are in the Product section. Here you can check your Page Views, Impressions, Clicks, Page RPM, Impression RPM, Active View Viewable & earning report of your AdSense for Content (blog) and AdSense for search (Google Custom Search) & as well as you can also check  YouTube channel all reports except the earnings report. Because YouTube earnings will be added to your AdSense account before the 15th of them every month.

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