How to apply for ShareASale affiliate account (stepbystep).

If you are looking for the best affiliate program then ShareAsale affiliate marketing network is for you. ShareAsale affiliate network is based in Chicago, Illinois (USA) and allow you to promote their merchant's products with three ways: PPS (pay per sale), PPL (pay per lead), and PPC (pay per click) programs.

ShareAsale is a free program, so they don’t charge any fees for joining. but for joining you will need to qualify their T&C. Many people say that they applied for Share-A-Sale affiliate marketing account, but their application was rejected. It is not normal because, if you have not followed their Terms & conditions then they simply reject your application. So here I’m sharing some tips & tutorial for how we can get an approved ShareAsale affiliate marketing account & how to create a Shareasale affiliate account step by step guide.

How to get ShareAsale affiliate account:

If you have a blog that related to Blogging, Technology, Food and fitness, Clothing and fashion, Dating, Books publishing, Weddings, etc., then you can easily apply for ShareAsale affiliate account. But before applying for ShareAsale, you’ll need to know something:
  • You must have a website & a business email id (If you have a website and a business E-mail id then ShareAsale review team gives your application priority).
  • The High-quality content must be on your site.
  • Before applying, write something about their merchant's products (just like me, I first wrote about 5 best Adsense ready Genesis child themes because Genesis affiliate program managed by ShareAsale. After that I applied for ShareAsale Affiliate program).
  • Give true information about yourself & your site (ShareASale team will manually review your application and then they’ll approve your account. If you give any wrong information they will not approve ShareAsale affiliate account).
If you will follow all of the above points. Then your Share-a-Sale affiliate marketing account will be approved definitely.

How to apply for ShareAsale affiliate program?

First, go to the ShareASale Signup Page:

Step 1: On the ShareASale affiliate signup page Create a user name, password, Re-enter password & choose your country where you live from the dropdown menu and after this click on MOVE ON TO STEP 2 button.

Step 2: Now you are on the second step page. Here you will need to enter your website information type your primary affiliate website address inbox & choose your website language.

Scroll down the page give true information that related your website. After choosing the best information click on MOVE ON TO STEP 3 button.

Step 3: On next page enter your business email id. After filling click on MOVE ON TO STEP 4 button.

Step 4: On this page, you’ll need to fill your contact information and write a good 240 characters description. You can write here about your ShareAsale promotion strategy, how you will promote ShareASale & their merchant's products.

After filling contact information scroll down the page & choose Incentive Website information, If you don’t know about What is Incentive program then select radio button I don’t know what an incentive program is. and now verify domain ownership, select radio button: I verify that i own the domain. After this click MOVE ON TO STEP 5 button.

Step 5: In step 5 you’ll need to choose payment type information, here select Choose later… radio button. Because you can enter this information later. After selection Click on Complete Sign Up button.

Finally tick the I AGREE TO THE ABOVE TERMS check box & hit Complete Application button.

Now you have successfully Signed up for ShareASale affiliate program. Now you’ll receive an email message in your email account which you have entered above for the email id verification, check your email account & verify your email ID.

After Email id verification wait for 1-2 business days. ShareASale team will manually review your application & your website. If they found your information true & according to theirs terms & conditions. They will approve your ShareASale Affiliate account instantly.

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