How to Hide What You Read on Facebook

Facebook may be great for socializing, but it’s horrible for keeping anything private. Everything you read through an app or any game you play is broadcast to all your friends. This includes everything you do through Facebook apps on other websites. What if you don’t want the world to know about your obsession with dancing dinosaurs wearing tutus? Do you just give up and forgo privacy? No. All you have to do is hide what you read on Facebook from your friends.
Remove The App
One quick way to avoid airing your dirty laundry and advertising your private interests is to simply remove the offending app. If you don’t have a good reason to use a specific app, delete it from your Facebook account. Click the arrow beside the Home button at the top of your Facebook screen. Select Account Settings. Choose Apps from the left side of the screen. Press the X icon beside any app you want to remove. Confirm you wish to delete it. You should make this a regular practice to clear out apps on your Facebook account. The fewer apps with accessing your personal information, the better.
However, you don’t always want to remove an app. You likely used an app through Facebook or on another website to view recommendations from friends and interact with friends while commenting. Perhaps you need the app in order to view certain content, enter a contest or play a game. Luckily, you can still hide what you read from your Facebook audience.

Hide What Apps Show
The key to hiding what is posted is hiding who can see what an app posts on your behalf. Click on the arrow at the top right of the Facebook window. Select Account Settings and choose Apps. pressed beside the app you want to hide. Find the Posts on your behalf section near the bottom of the edit window. Press the button beside this section which lists who can view posts made by the app. By default, this usually says Friends. To hide posts for an app, select Only Me. You will be able to see posts made on your timeline, but no one else will.
Alternately, you can create a list of people to view posts made by a particular app. This works well for games and apps you only use with certain friends. Simply choose the name of your list instead of Only Me and posts from these apps will only display to those people. Remember that your friend can share your posts, making them visible to their friends.
Remember you can remove posts from your timeline. Should something post you’re not fond of, open your profile, scroll to the post and hover your mouse over the top right of the post. Click the pencil icon. Select either Hide from Timeline to simply hide the post (this does not remove it from the newsfeed) or Delete to remove the post completely.

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