How to signup Twitter | sign up | Login | is a social media platform. As we all know that there are thousands of social media on the web (internet).
Social media is also referred to as a social networking site (SNS) social media is a hub to build social relations among people of the same interests and activities of its user. Users have to create his or her profile as his social link and can be seen by different users.
Most social media users are friendly with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ the social media we are talking on is Twitter and all its function.

Whats Twitter 

Twitter is a social media that enable the user to read and share a short message of 140 characters called Tweet. Anyone is allowed to be a registered user as Twitter doesn’t ask your age when you sign up to Twitter.
You automatically gain full access to read and post a tweet on Twitter why unregistered users can only read Tweets,
Twitter is an amazing service that gives registered users the privilege to create his or her profile that can be accessed by friends and other users.
Signing up by default makes you a registered user anyone can sign up to Twitter by visiting if you are already a user you can log in but if you are new to click on the signup icon

sign up   

  1. Enter the URL on the toolbar of your browser and click on sign up
  2. Fill in your details in the dialog box such as your name, email or phone number, password and twitter username and click the signup icon
  3. This page is the phone verification page of twitter, select your country and enter your mobile number and click the verify phone number icon
  4. You get a 6 digit verification number from twitter on your phone enter the verification number and click on verify
  5. Now you can start creating your profile such as interest to get Suggestions of friends from You can add a profile picture to enable friends to identify you easily
As a registered user on, you can now access this social media via the website interface, SMS, or mobile device app and start tweeting. 
Twitter has more than 300 million active users online posting tweets and sharing photos, Tweets are publicly visible by default, but senders can restrict Tweets to just his or her followers and Users can Tweet via the website or by Short Message Service (SMS).
When a Tweet is been forwarded as a Tweet by another user its called a Retweet both Tweets and Retweets can be tracked, User can REPLY a Tweet, RETWEET or click on the FAVORITES icon of a Tweet your Tweet can be viewed by all user including your Follower based on the content of your Tweet a user can
  • Share a Tweet via Direct Message
  • Copy link to Tweet
  • Embed Tweet
  • Mute a Tweet
  • Block a Tweet
  • Report a Tweet
With this great social media, users can share photos and videos a user can FOLLOW other users and can as well get a FOLLOW BACK just like we have on Facebook whereby you can send a friend request and they can add you as a friend on his or her friend list.
However, on Twitter you can FOLLOW and then the user can FOLLOW BACK  you can search for other yours by using the @ sign and the users ID like this @LilTunechi is Lil Wayne profile on twitter by typing in the @ sign and the users ID on the search bar on give you a quick search of the particular user with the user name.

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