Prevent Bloggers website duplicate content in Search Engine.

Duplicate content always causes trouble, it doesn’t matter what your website on the Blogger (Blogspot) or WordPress. Duplicate content always hurts your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & your site ranking goes down due to this. Today it is necessary that the website should be search engine optimized. If your website SEO good than you will get a higher ranking in the search results. As in my previous post, I explained about WordPress duplicate content problem & solution but that process only works for the WordPress site, not for free blogger. So today I’ll share here how to prevent Bloggers website duplicate content from the Search Engine index.

Archives & Search Pages in Search results-

When we think about the Blogger site duplicate content. The thing comes first Archives and Search pages. Because on WordPress as the category, tags and authors pages are indexed in the search. Blogger site the same way, the search engines take index these Archives & search pages without any restriction.

How to find Duplicate content in Search Engine?

Go to the Google Search & search your site with this parameter-
  • or
Please Replace domain name or blog name with your domain or subdomain. You will find many URLs of archives & search in the search results, go to the last page & check.
The Archives and Search pages have an exact copy of your original post in excerpt but some content looks like an original post. So this excerpt content hurts your site SEO. If you want to get higher rank in search then these pages should be stopped before the index. When we start the blog then we don’t know about these or SEO. But now we can prevent and remove these result from the index.

How to prevent Archives & Search Pages from Google Search index?

There is two ways for Blogspot blog to prevent Archives & search pages into the search-

First Way:-

If your site is on Blogger then you can prevent Archives and search pages in the Google search index. This will need to make some changes in the settings of the Blogger site.

Set noindex & achieve on Archives & Search Pages-

  • Login to your blogger dashboard & select your site.
  • Click on Settings from the left & click on Search preferences.
  • Now click on Custom robots header tags Edit option.
  • Select the radio button Enable custom robots header tags?- Yes.
  • Under the Archive and Search Pages: tick the noindex & noarchive check box.
  • Click on Save changes.

Second Way-

The second way is set URLs parameters for your Archives & search pages. You can set URLs parameters in the webmaster tools. So how to set URLs parameter for your bloggers  website?

Set URL Parameters-

  • Login to Google Webmaster Tool
  • After login select your site.
  • Click on Crawl option from the left pane.
  • In the Crawl click on URL Parameters option.
If your Bloggers blog or site URLs indexed by Googlebot into the search results & sites URLs parameters is the same then you can see all same URLs parameters list here- max-results, Updated-max, m, start, by-date, reverse-paginate, updated-min, feed.
Note: m mean your mobile site pages. Bloggers Mobile site pages also indexes into the search but it is duplicate content & looks like your main site content. So you can remove your mobile site pages from the search. the parameter looks like-
To remove these from search results you will need to set URLs parameter as No URLs. By defualt all Crawl parameter set on Let Googlebot decide. To change URLs parameter click on Edit option.

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